Your Finance Matters – Q1 – 2018

Inside the magazine this quarter

Your plans for 2018 and beyond – focus on the long game – Page 03
Could you be an ISA millionaire? – Page 04
One in three retirees will have to rely on the state pension – Page 05
A game of endurance as disposable incomes hit six-year low – Page 06
Over £40m stolen from pensioners – Page 07
Don’t leave your loved ones facing financial ruin – Page 07
Highlights from the Autumn Budget 2017 – Page 08
If you employ a nanny or a cleaner, you may need to set up a pension fund – Page 08
Older workers facing the pressure of intergenerational needs – Page 09
Pensioners in drawdown fear running out of money – Page 09
Addressing your personal finance weak spots – Page 10
Where will you live in retirement? – Page 11
Do we need targets to help us save more for retirement? – Page 11
Global markets were surprisingly bullish – Page 12
Ready to invest? Here’s how to get started – Page 12

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