For advising and arranging your mortgage, I charge £495 on completion.

This fee will be paid directly by you at the above time, unless it is your wish to add the fee to your mortgage.

This varies and totally depends on you, the questions you have and your circumstances. Clients typically spend 30 minutes to an hour. If you’re a First Time Buyer it is likely to take longer than an hour as I like the appointment knowing you’re fully informed.

Once I have all the information I require from you, a lenders Decision in Principle (DIP) can take 10 minutes to half an hour.

Once I have all the documents the lender requires, this can be anywhere between 48 hours to 2 weeks.

I personally aim to receive an offer within 1 week of submitting your application which is faster than the industry standard.

I offer a free visitation and sit down to discuss your needs and I’ll make my own recommendations off the information you provide.

I’ll go back to my office and do the following:

  • I work out which lender is best suited for your needs and which lender you also qualify with, saving you having to make multiple applications to various lenders.
  • I use each lender’s individual calculators to confirm you fit on their affordability criteria.
  • I then work out what the best rate/overall costs are between a range of products available within the market
  • I’ll revisit your home to go through the paperwork, saving you having to go through this with the lender for a couple of hours over the phone or in branch
  • I package the case and put it forward to the lender in the best way to enable them to say yes without any problems or delay
  • I document everything and cover the risks should anything be wrong
  • I chase everything through to completion and keep you and your solicitors updated throughout
  • I’ll upload documents they require which saves you having to visit their branch or posting documents
  • I will find the cheapest solicitor on the lender’s panel and deal with them directly so you do not have to. This includes me certifying all your documentation so you do not have to visit a solicitor’s office.
  • I keep records on file to make any additional borrowing in the future a quicker and easier transition.

This may sound like a lot but I can assure you I will make the mortgage application process hassle-free and very quick.

Yes, absolutely!If you’re clear of missed payments in the last 3 months, I will have a lender for you. They will not be as cheap as a “High Street” lender but I will work closely with you to keep reducing your interest rate.

A Multi-Tied adviser is someone who has access to a limited amount of mortgage lenders & insurance providers. You’ll often find Estate Agents have Multi-Tied advisers in their branch. They do not charge as much as a Whole of Market adviser but there’s a good reason for that!

A Whole of Market adviser, such as myself covers the whole market. If your circumstances are somewhat complex, then you’ll need to use someone who has access to the Whole Market to make sure you’re placed with the most appropriate lender. Whole of Market advisers cost more than Multi-Tied. Only ever pay an adviser on completion.

Not at all!

It is a common misconception that Self Employed people are penalised when applying for a mortgage. If you declare your full earnings, you are treated no differently to anyone else.




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after the 30 day period a fee applies for the monthly subscription, which can be cancelled at anytime


Would like to say a big thank you for the professional and very helpful service that you have supplied. Every time we had a question Dan would ensure that he replied as quickly as possible and he would also ensure that we understood everything that we where going through at every stage.

Again a big thank you for guiding us through our re-mortgage.

Glenn H - Grays